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 Posted: Jan 9th, 2010 09:15 AM
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Mr Shadowman


Hello again
To all you listerners out there involved in all the EVP research worlds out there, I pose a few questions

#! what are your goals in this research, what are you tryng to accomplish and why ?

#2 what methods and funding are you going to employ to reach these goals?

#3 In what ways can you explain how we are more advanced that the founding fathers of this field 50 years ago, i am not talking technology, I mean theories and ideas how to coax responses from the othersiders.
#4 Explain your reasons that the majority of EVP captured is limited to something between one and five words on the average,,,,,your explanation of why and a theory how to increase for more substance in lengths of session.
#5 I personally am not a ghost hunter, I am voice hunter, and I feel there is a difference, to capture the voice or to have a two way conversation with someone that you cannot see, it  is more of a thrill than looking for bedsheets in the breeze going boo ! I think in terms of other realities and dimensions and mind travel from this side to the other side, how many agree or not worry I do not bite !
#6 what type of experimental basis would you like to see set as protocol and enforced (nasty word) on all investigations or sessions so we would be able to cross reference with a click to access all current knowledge or should it be all helled close to the heart and no sharing, Your feelings please. In order please what to you feel are most active places for evp research and WHY ?

#1 graveyards
#2 hospitals
#3 accident locations
#4 funeral homes
#5 motels where people died
#6 homes where people died
#7 work places where people died
#8 churches, etc.
#9 battle fields

And last but not least..........take this scenario a person is driving their automobile and it is involved in a horrific , fiery, and a near fatal crash but he dies three days later an an area hospital from extensive injuries and burns, that was located one thousand mile from his other home where he and his wife and children resided full time family. Where would that spirit be most likely to "haunt" or communicate from/

#! the scene of the accident
#2 the ambulance
#3 the hospital
#4 the funeral home
#5 the graveyard
#6 their home
#7 no place

If the spirit could have one last memory that would be last for the rest of his eternity, what would it be the burning and sizzeling and watching his skin burn and remembering the pain. because this would be the last photographic image that his mind captured or would it be of a happier moment in their lives at different places, Best regards, Best Regards, Dan


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