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 Posted: Dec 21st, 2009 03:57 PM
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Dear Friends,

I've built a "Talker" board from Bill Chappell that uses the Speakjet speech synthesis chip and a pic uP with A/D converter. The A/D converts incoming ambient EMF voltage to digital values. The Speakjet chip outputs parts of words that sometimes form words and phrases related to user questions. The board as-is doesn't react well to stray noise picked up by the built-in antenna. However, when adjustable noise is applied to the input, many words and phrases are produced.

Noise on an unused frequency of an AM shortwave  receiver is a good source of spirit messages. Since the noise input is converted to data to run the speech chip, no actual noise from the radio is heard on the speaker of the "Talker" board. Adjusting the input noise level changes the output speech and an ideal level can be found.

I believe that noise can be filtered into several channels that can be used to perfect the synthesized output. I hope to also extract video from the same noise to provide images of the spirits communicating with the user.