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 Posted: Dec 10th, 2009 08:36 PM
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Yes....EVP's are highly subjective because of several factors.  It all boils down to one's hearing ability,  equipment,  software,  the use thereof and preparation prior to listening.  It's one thing to play a clip for 30 seconds and opine.  It's another to actually  "work"  a clip.

It is also not uncommon for a clip to get altered & sound different because of uploading & downloading.  

With all these factors clouding the process,  one is bound to get varied opinions.

Since you did not elaborate on external noise at the time of the recording,  I will assume the peak waveform of the first section is a natural sound.

If it not a natural could be interpreted as a quick  "hey"...."I beg you all"  or  "I bet you are"  Either way,  it is probably incomplete because of editing.

That being said,  I have chosen to start from time index  0.01.735 - 0.04.541  

I hear the following:

Mid range male saying:  "Kala (<--phonetically),  I love you man"

This is followed by a whispered male saying:  "she loves you"

From time index 0.04.541 - 0.05.460

Male speaking quickly saying:  "we know you"  <---probably incomplete response because of editing

As far as the second section.....From time index 0.06.332 - end of clip

Higher pitch male(s) say:  "ok"  

This is immediately followed by a whispered female that says:  "I love you"

Then the predominant male voice says:   "be cool"

This is followed by the higher pitched males saying:  "I love it"


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