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 Posted: Apr 4th, 2007 08:48 AM
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I received a phone call at around 7PM, I guess and all I heard was a noise after the beep. I didn't think nothing of it.... Well at about 10PM when I was about to crawl into bed I checked the messages because I had a feeling to do so (Don't ask how). I checked the message and heard what I thought were two words so I recorded them on my handheld Olympus, digital voice recorder.  I told my wife I would mess with the recording tomorrow to see if it was valid or not.

At first I thought, this could be nothing but I wanted to make sure. Two things seemed strange about the call that caught my attention: The voice is not clear, sounds rather muffled and robotic. Second it relays no other information besides 2 words that I can't quite make out. There is no contact info, no identifying statements....

PS: nevermind the time and date on the recording, it is obviously wrong. I have never changed it since we lost power during the last storm. LOL

Here is the original recording:

Texas Frank

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