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 Posted: Nov 20th, 2009 11:43 PM
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Brian Jones

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Hey Ray and everyone else... Ray, I'm not really following what you're pointing out.. I've got a lot of projects going this weekend... BTW, I did go downtown and looked the desk officer in the eyes and let him know I was asking for a serious shot at what I mentioned.. he took my name and number and said he'd discuss it with a couple of the detectives... we'll see. As far as What I hear of your last audio attachment Ray, I could sound it out, but it doesn't really hit me as a solid message, but then again, if you told me, I might connect ..? I'll go ahead and say what I hear of the Obama reversal I labeled as ' single payer yo '

" your lie is over here "

I'll leave it at that.. I know Keith probably would frown on things getting heated up with political debate on this forum, and he'd probably be wise to make the case for steering the direction of this unique site away from this ... just guessing... I just reflexed out one of my Obama reversals when I saw yours Ray... I see a pattern with the two ~