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 Posted: Nov 17th, 2009 02:35 PM
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My mother recently got a message on her answering machine, very short, that sounded like a gasp and someone saying her name.  After calling everyone she knows, and finding that no one had called her, she played me the message.  When I listened to it, I got a shiver, because the first thing I thought of was ITC.  It just had that sound, like it had been sampled on something with a low bitrate... sorry, I'm not a huge techie in the paranormal department, so I'm relying on music terms.   The following day, seeing how shaken she was, a concerned coworker mentioned that when my mom first started working there, a number of the customers she had talked to had actually been deceased for years.  Your mileage may vary on that part of the story, but it adds to the creep factor.

Regardless, I do wonder about the particular sound of the ITC voices.  I've heard similar voice attributes on some EVPs, but not all.  I've never really listened hard to this, it's always been on podcasts and things, but now that I have decent headphones and a wide array of audio processing programs, maybe I'll have a go.  Can anyone chime in on this particular subject?  One additional detail is that the phones in my mom's house have been inconsistently malfunctioning in my mom's house for about a week now, with no problem to be found by the phone co.  Is that consistent with attempts to communicate in this manner?  Thanks in advance for the discussion.