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 Posted: Nov 16th, 2009 10:55 PM
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For Karlos.... I just now have found and read your question to me... I would have addressed this long ago if I had ever before known of your question. I do very much appreciate your direct approach !! I am not trying to debunk evp/itc. I know that there is something very real about both... I wouldn't be so assuming to even think I know what is going on with this stuff, I'll leave that to the 'experts'.. but I tap into these ' voices ' all the time for input.

As far as Spiricom goes.. there are many data points that do not ring true... I don't really care anymore.. I posted here how in my analyzing new material Dr. Rorke sent me to analyze seemed to strangely have bursts where the name ' Brian ' jumped out at me multiple times, and that as far as I could tell, this was on the original MetaScience recordings.. Keith Clark is the only person who offered any feedback on this point, and Dr. Rorke has pretty much dismissed it. I guess I've lost my interest in sacrificing so much of my time and energy to bringing the energy levels up with ITC. I was mistaken to a huge degree of what the response to my countless inquiries would be, so as far as I can tell right now, I am done wasting my time going public beyond casual gestures. I can say this though. My personal connections to phenomena have continued to grow, and especially lately !

So Karlos, I can say if I was to debunk anything about evp/itc, it would be to honestly shoot holes in the 'expert's' claims of their self professed assumptions about what all this means. But I doubt I'll even bother with that, it's all pretty boring to me now. And that is not to say I'm better than that, just that it does not interest me to waste my energy talking about it much... I guess as usual, I say and write much more than three words... I hope I was clear enough. If not, I will certainly follow up with any other comments you'd care to post towards me.

PS : I'm not saying this attached material is any breakthrough, but it will give you an idea of the interruptions I get when I am on certain cell. phone calls.

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