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 Posted: Oct 30th, 2009 08:30 PM
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Keith Clark

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Yes, I agree on your theory that sometimes where we may hear them may not be the original base frequency. In my case, they used the energy from the nearby power pole.....

Well, my understanding is that quite frequently when we are thinking of someone in spirit, they are aware of our focused attention on them. We can perceive them as being in the same location, but I think it is more that their energy is directed towards us, and therefore they are "with us". I do know that they know our inner core, our thoughts, interests, peculiarities....

yet in my radio work up to this point there have been many cases that seem to express that sometimes people in spirit cannot perceive the full measure of success that they are having at that given moment in physical time. Sometimes I have felt that someone is "close" as far as feeling connected to them at that moment in time, yet at the same time hear what appears to be undirected conversation coming from the radio.

Either way, there sure are a lot of variables - but there is definitely one thing I feel confident about: there are enough people in people interested in progress of spirit communication that it is almost a certainty that anyone who takes up this work consistently/seriously is likely to have people in spirit helping them, working alongside them in their experiments. I will never believe that anyone working in spirit communication is left unguided or alone.