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 Posted: Oct 29th, 2009 10:28 AM
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So long as it works! Is my motto.
Who cares HOW a case is solved? It's for the benefit and safety of those who are victims, not for the investigator. I live in N.J. and I frequently bump into Bruce Tango on paranormal investigations. He is the Dad of Dave Tango from TAPS. He is a retired policeman from Elizabeth NJ. Maybe, someone like Bruce would be interested in this sort of thing. He has a foot in both worlds. You need someone who is in law enforcement who is also into paranormal sphere as well. There actually seem to be a few people like that I run into fairly often. Kris Gartland from TAPS is also in law enforcement as well. I met Kris and Bruce at The Red Mill in Clinton NJ back in June and they both seem like decent folks who like to help others. May be tricky getting in touch with them, their addresses might be listed. I think Bruce is listed. I called him up once to ask him a question about the Tourettes benefit that he runs every year in N.J..
I may see him at the next one if I go in November.
But, I know that there are a lot of people involved in ghost hunting and stuff that are also involved with police-type work too. Just a matter of finding the right people who believe in what you're doing.
Best bet is to get some psychics involved and see what happens. I've met a few of them lately and I'm impressed by what they can find out. Maybe, combined with the "spiritboxes" some progress can be made.
Seems like important work.