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 Posted: Oct 29th, 2009 09:45 AM
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I have actually used them on over 20 cases, most being missing chilren cases, but most police and FBI will not look at the material. It is really sad as I have countless recordings and transcriptions, and no one in law enforcement will look at it. So far I have only had two detectives actually take the info, one of which material recorded did help solve a case.
What I find is interesting on television we hear all the time how police are working with psychics on cases, but that I am finding is a rarity even in the psychic community.
As one detective told me "we work to a scientific method in solving crimes, and paranormal info is not part of it".
But you are right in what you said.
If we can get the law enforcement community to try it out and test in on some cases, that would in my opinion help pave the way for EVP recorders in helping solve crimes.