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 Posted: Oct 27th, 2009 03:33 AM
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Brian Jones

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I have so many audio recordings I haven't even listened to yet ... I just found something kind of cute from my duck friends at my local lake... These are ducks I've visited and fed many times.... I'm not going say what I hear of this, but it sure seems clear to me...  I am finding more than ever that there are words in the voices of most animals I record these days... I really want to build this connection up to the point where I can truly test whether or not I can access verbal information that will offer insight into a situation where a troubled animal will be helped in some way.

If anyone here would help me obtain animal audio recordings, of pets especially where we could check results with a human counterpart, I would very much appreciate it. I've asked countless people, put up notes at local bulletin boards, contacted numerous animal advocate groups and psychic animal communicators.. but so far.. the 99.999 % lack of response has been hard for me to understand... so I usually just record animals without needing people's permission... like ducks at the lake.. birds ... and my favorite, vicious small dogs guarding the car in the parking lot... BTW, usually I find that their growl is worse than their words ...

    OK... thanks for checking this out ...... Brian

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