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 Posted: Oct 26th, 2009 05:24 AM
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Brian Jones

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Insomnia central.. good thing... this stuff can burn the stick of dynamite at both ends..
The session experiment recording that this and the one before came from is about one hour and forty minutes long... there are tons of verbal bursts in there, but as most of you know, they usually are ambiguous in their delivery many times because if we are creating ways to assist the energies.. often times it is some form of audio or combination of such like in this case, and there is too much noise. I think this one is pretty clear to what I've labeled it as...

This one is presented x3 in dual direction... it is the forward half that I perceive as saying
" that's good " but the identical reverse of this appears to be saying " for the dead ".
I can't see why anyone would not want to observe both halves for fuller information, but I've spoken with a lot of people that for whatever reason are reluctant to be interested in or open to looking at both sides.... I've never really understood why this is... I know " backwards ' makes a lot of people uncomfortable.. even people that think they are communicating with the dead... kind of funny really.. Well, we all have our preferences ... sometimes I don't even agree with my own....

     I best see about getting a couple hours of sleep.. the sun's about coming up ~

         See you later ......... Brian

PS ... I've spliced the opposite directions together and repeated them...

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