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 Posted: Oct 8th, 2009 07:26 AM
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WHAT HO ALL - one of the criticisms of visual ITC , is that of "breakthrough" or transmissions being picked up from broadcasters and possibly "anomalous" propagation - sooooooooo having in my possession some video receiving equipment capable of operation between 1240 & 1367.5 MHz i thought OK , lets see what results we get on these higher frequencies ??

the set up is fairly simple and you CAN get this gear ( reference later ) at a very reasonable price and as you wont be transmitting don't need a licence ( i happen to have one as I am a radio ham - G6URM )

so its basically the unit plugged into a standard analog TV vi the AV socket /scart /whatever - and this is connected either to a very SMALL antenna or better still a "dummy load " - which is basically a 50 ohm resistor - this PRECLUDES the reception of signals UNLESS they are very local ( or very strong ) - for choice i have set the system to receive at 1350 MHz - which ONLY air traffic radars use ( on the whole ) and a few amateur television enthusiasts - so the chances of false signals is low u, unless you live near an airport or a radio ham or one of their ATV repeaters

for stuff like this i run the unit off of a 12 volt battery or VERY WELL stabilized power supply - and even a small 12 volt battery ( rechargeable type ) will give many hours of use .

so WHY go so high ?? , I hear you asking , well it gos back to an investigation i did some years ago where i "chased " a "patch" of ENERGY ( RF???? ) round a location miles from the nearest transmitter on that frequency 1350 MHz ( ish ) - which was surrounded by solid stone and metal ( cellar of a castle) - so NOT good for the propagation of signals at these frequencies - and signals don't as a norm float round in patches , but this one had reasonably defined edges ( according to my frequency counter ) AND moved about !! - again NOT normal behavior - hence i say "energy " rather than define it as RF or whatever

LATER that evening I and my late wife , where treated to the sight of a beach ball sized sphere of light / energy ?? - exit from a solid wall and move across a ceiling - disappearing THROUGH the ceiling into the room above , WHERE it was actually caught on camera ( and the same phenomena ) ,but smaller has been observed here - sooooooo was this the same thing ?? dunno

any ways worth a try methinks and if you want to try these higher frequencies yourself - google 23 cm amateur television equipment - or if you still just happen to have one of those old ANALOG satellite receivers up in the loft - you COULD USE THAT but , beware that you need to get into the menu or even the box to disable the power to the old LNB supply voltage

oh and of course if you DO manage to find one of these boards - ( they are getting a bit rare now ) - you also have audio at the same frequencies - good for EVP maybe ??

try here for the same sort of unit as i use ::

let you what happens in due course -

pic below is prototype set up - the fan is not strictly nessesry - but the units do get a tad warm with prolonged use - and cool electronics are happy electronics

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