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 Posted: Oct 8th, 2009 06:54 AM
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Keith Clark

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(copied from stream distribution email)


Hello all,


Today marks the 11 month anniversary of our stream project. In that time, the pictures have improved

slightly – partially due to a decrease in the spectrograph software scan time, and partially due to the

improvement of the ability of our friends in spirit to produce images.


We will have a session on Saturday, October 31st (Halloween) at 12pm P.S.T.  


After the session the stream will be packed away for the move to Florida. Don’t worry though – if there

 is a way to get a “miniature” version of the stream up once I get to Florida, then I will do so. I will keep in touch

with you via this email distribution list – and probably make a post on the ITC Bridge forum.


Thank you for your continued support and involvement. The stream will be back, our work will continue,

and our goals will be achieved. I encourage all of you to continue to work towards your own personal

development, as am I. Our success will come from our combination of energy, not from what mechanical

devices we build or buy.