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 Posted: Oct 7th, 2009 04:52 PM
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I was thinking about Joe's comment about Franklin's Glass Armonica. I have a rather large Waterford crystal bowl that was given to me this year as a service award. I placed the recorder in the bottom center of the bowl. I moistened my trusty sponge and gave it a workout on the rim of the bowl.

I had announced what I was doing at the start and I believe I hear some voices testing. I hear a high pitched voice that blends in well with the resonant frequency of the bowl. This bowl will resonate very loudly, it's scary :biggrin:.

See if you can follow along with the high pitched voice that is the loudest. There are other voices talking but this one is by far the loudest.

"On/Our Tesla?.........Accident..Oops...........Howard.....I love you"

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