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 Posted: Oct 7th, 2009 03:39 PM
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pipesmokingman wrote: hi all - um when using a video camera to record TV screen images ( static etc ) has anyone tried flipping the camera over to "night shot "  ( Sony TM )  or other makers equivalent  ???

and if so what results did you get ??


I actually tried this using my Sony DSC-F717 in 'Night Shot' mode and also equipped with a 950nm filter. With this combination the camera will record only in the infrared regions. I cannot record or photograph a TV image because the screen is not emitting heat. Here is an example photo I took today.

In the example the TV is on but the image' you see is just a reflection of the table and myself which are in front of the TV. I am on the left with my left hand raised. The light is from outside. As you can see the image is very noisy so this could lend itself for more experimentation.

Good question!


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