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 Posted: Oct 7th, 2009 03:30 PM
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joecioppi wrote: Friends,

This effect reminds me of Ben Franklin's glass harmonica or whatever he called it. It was based on rubbing tuned glass disks with his fingertips to play tunes. I wonder if a series of vocal tones from rotating glass plates would contain spirit voices too.

One plate could be turned by a record player turntable while the sponge is held against it. Maybe a few layers of wool could support the plate without dampening the vibs.


Thanks everyone for the feedback on these experiments. Oddly enough Joe I have been thinking along the same lines. Today I was at the local Science Surplus store and they had stacks of glass cut into circular plates. The smallest size was 15 inches across. I have to make some measurements but I think it may be too large for my turntable.

In previous experiments I used a wide Velcro strip on an old phonograph record. I got some good results with that method.