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 Posted: Oct 7th, 2009 03:29 AM
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Hi Friends,

I haven't successfully gotten a Spiricom setup working, but I have heard voices on the noise received by a VHF AM receiver, noise from a transistor junction reversed biased, noise on the baseline of a voice recorder (EVP). I've also used Bill Chappell's "Talker" voice synthesizer with these noise sources as input and heard amazing messages in response to questions asked in experimental sessions.

I have been unwell and couldn't devote much energy to Spiricom lately. I have a theory based on all those other voice experiences based on noise sources. First, I think that the Spiricom was setup with an amateur AM shortwave receiver tuned to an unused frequency of the near 10 meter amateur band. (This is known here as Direct Radio) The tones were modulated on a very low powered AM transmitter ( an RF oscillator with a modulation input ) and could be heard on the amateur receiver in the unused frequency to which it was tuned. The noise levels and the modulated signals were at nearly the same amplitude levels at the receiver antenna. Any voices in the noise were enhanced by the vocal tones used and made them slightly more audible over the noise.

This old Spiricom method is a crude effort to synthesize stronger levels of the spirit voices in the noise. Modern voice synth chips actually create audible words from the intelligence in the noise source without amplifying the noise itself. I doubt whether this method can be recreated with broadcast FM radio equipment with signals that suppress any noise and only the tone modulation is audible. The Shack Hack radios and Frank's Box depend on the strength of broadcast vocals to be far above atmospheric noise and instead select the vocal segments by randomly tuning various different radio stations to assemble the spirit messages. This works fairly well and has been shown as a better method  than listening to noise directly.

My own spirit radio selects FM vocals by random coincidence and doesn't use atmospheric or instrument noise. However the random nature of atmospheric noise allows AM radio to carry spirit voices. It's not the noise, but the intelligence in the random nature of the noise that is heard as voices by any of the methods.

When I am able to work I plan to develop analog tv to display the intelligence in the random nature of the universe. I won't use the tuner of the TV but the picture tube display and a video signal derived from a noise source that is stronger than usual atmospheric noise picked up on a tv tuner. I hope to interview ghosts face to face with real time spirit video. A voice channel should alow conversation like the Joe's Box or Frank's Box.

more later,  Joe