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 Posted: Oct 1st, 2009 08:04 PM
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Keith Clark

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I can give you my opinion, but as I am not one of the people who has successfully had conversations with spirit - it doesn't carry as much meaning. We have however, had limited success.

First, a person most likely already has much of this ability naturally - or at least, there are probably people out there through which this task would not be as difficult, but more rare than not.

...But that aside, people that have been successful and shared their methods with us tell us that: they turn on their radios consistently or perform some practice or regular ritual of communication that coincides with their personal state of spiritual development.

in English now ( :) ) ....what I intend to say is if you're interested in working with radio, then do the following (in my humble opinion):

1. have and cultivate a desire to help others or do this work for a good purpose other than material gain

2. work consistently using whatever methods you feel inclined or as impressed upon you by spirit (you will come to know this over time) - the more time put in consistently, then the better the opportunity for people in spirit to characterize your work as interesting to them and decide to invest their effort in working with you. Note: small and consistent steps are better than all out and fizzling later.........

3. accept that personal development is more important than technical prowess. Combine intuition with personal spiritual development and consistency, and I would almost guarantee you - you will be successful to some extent. there are no serious researchers here on the physical plane that work alone - my opinion yet again.

4. pick an area and focus on it. I feel that if a dedicated person turned their radio to an empty frequency, even on Fm (which is harder for them to influence), and they spend even 5 minutes every day focusing on the intention of having spirit come through that radio, then they would eventually have an event where spirit may be able to break through for however short a period of time. It may take years, or a lifetime - but I do believe that even that is possible.

Sorry for the long reply, let me know if you have any more questions.