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 Posted: Oct 1st, 2009 06:54 AM
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Keith Clark

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Welcome to the forum. If you made a post in the section titled "introduce yourself", I am sure you would receive a much more thorough welcome.. :)

Sure, in theory any transmit/receive setup will work. You just need the right person who has developed the ability to be able to provide energy to assist in that transfer of energy into modulated voice over radio.

In my post above, I indicated that from what I've seen - there is much more indication (history) of spirit being able to manipulate AM transmissions rather than FM. Still, one person could and probably will overcome that - but it will be particular to that person - at least, at first. Perhaps that will change once all of us develop ourselves spiritually to a point where we combine our psychic talents together.

As long as people have the desire to try the Spiricom setup, then there is most certainly a need for accessible devices such as what you mention. I say go for it.