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 Posted: Oct 1st, 2009 06:11 AM
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           I joined this forum today. i am a beginner in this field.I have a small doubt. can we use a FM transmitter to build SPIRICOM? In the actual device they use AM. can any one explain why? can't we use FM? FM offers better signal clarity than AM. and may i know why this particular frequency (29Mhz) is used for SPIRICOM?

 If FM can be used : My idea is to make this device at a very cheaper price. we can build a FM transmitter very easily. we can add a tone generator at the input.we can listen in on a FM receiver, and connect the output of the fm receiver to the computer sound card input for the digital processing of the signal, at the same time we can record(using software). this setup is very cheap and every body can afford it. in this way, anyone can experiment.

here is a simple FM transmitter schematic 

the parts are very can be built from is also available in kit form(12$).

so, gentlemen please tell me whether this idea works or not.