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 Posted: Sep 3rd, 2009 07:25 PM
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I'm not aware of very much information on the subject out there. I've looked up what I can find on Sonia Rinaldi, Marcello Bacci, Anabela Cardoso, etc. From those items I have found the basics of what I was looking for.

In essence, I was looking for some detailed instructions, but never found any. Given my current experiences, I'd say the following are the beginning steps:

1. Spend a regular amount of time with a radio. If possible, keep it on for extended periods of time so that spirit communicators can work with it. The more time they have to work with it, and the more time you have to attune your desire of creating a means whereby they can speak through electronic equipment - the better. The goal is to reach a point where their vibration & yours will resonate at a frequency which will allow manifestation of voice over radio. (my best understanding)

2. Time and experimentation will determine what kind of radio, what frequency range you will use. There is no standard, it is different for everyone. I prefer shortwave. It will depend on the overbearing radio stations, environmental conditions, location, equipment, and last but not least of all - you.

3. Develop yourself spiritually. Anything you can do to raise your vibrations will help. Asking for voice over radio is not so much different than asking for someone to come and appear to talk to you in a physical mediumship seance. A little blip of voice is one thing (will happen now and then), two-way conversations is yet another! Either way, if you devote the effort, it will be recognizd and matched by spirit. Developing yourself spiritually is more important than technologically!

Over time, I've come to understand the explanation of pioneers in this area, and this is my understanding.

I've attached a document by Anabela Cardoso, in which she gives some details of her work in that area.



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