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 Posted: Aug 29th, 2009 02:17 PM
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Howdy Shadowman,

Going in order:

I don't do the graveyard thing but I don't think it would matter if it was new or old.

Yes, you can get good EVPs anytime day or night. Those tv shows use nighttime for dramatic effect.

If you're looking to establish long term results, by all means try doing EVP work in the comfort of a house. No sense freezing your *** off standing outside in the winter just to getting a single word on a recorder. It takes time for them to know you are "available" so to speak. I went 4 tries before I got my first one-word response. Now I'm swamped with responses. I kinda describe an EVP session as being like shining a light or beacon into the night. It may take a while for them to reach you, but once they know where you are, things just gets easier.

4 recorders in different room picking up the same voice in each recorder....hmmmm intreseting....not tried that one. Parasearcher would be the best person to pose this question to.

If you're confident your guests are from a different time ear, then it would probably be a good idea to keep things simple at first.

As far as one's appearance, I don't think you would have to go down the re-enactment road. Yes they can see you...and if you seem to have more tattoos than skin, I know that If it were me, I would be more curious than frightened.

Now this might sound a bit strange, but depending on if you're trying to contact a Union or Southern person, you might want to either hum or sing a song familiar to them like "way down south in the land of cotton" or something along those lines.

In my opinion at least, if you are trying to target a certain type or certain era, then it would stand to reason that seeking common ground would produce better results.

Just my 2 cents worth,