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 Posted: Aug 28th, 2009 01:20 PM
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Mr Shadowman



I have a few questions regarding EVP's, first when searching for EVP's in graveyards do you get better results in newer or older ones or does it not matter?

and does daytime or evenings get more results or does it not matter?

Are EVP'S obtainable everwhere or does that place have to be associated somehow with people that have passed on to the beyond? What I mean by this is possible to get EVP's from a home or location that has never had a person die in or near ?

If four digital recorders are placed in four different locations of a home is it possible to get the same EVP recording in all of the recorders at the same time? or to hear the voice move from recorder to recorder or will it stay focused to one location?

 Almost the Last Question, when trying to obtain EVP's and you sort of know the spirit or spirits are from a certain time period, lets say civil war era / 1865 Is it proper to adjust OUR Vocabulary to accommodate them, for instance if you said "please speak into the digital recorder" they would not know what a digital recorder is, but if you said the black box or something like that they would.

Even though this might sound humorous, I am serious on the question. Let us say we are investigating and searching for EVP's in the same 1865 scene, Can or will the "spirits be turned off or frightned by someones (us) appearance, ex: a person who has more tattoo's than  plain skin or has just strange dress habits? Would they feel more comfortable looking at someone in their own periods dress..........if they can see at all.  Thx 

Please be patient with me and my questions I am new to this EVP research subject.
Best Regards