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 Posted: Aug 22nd, 2009 03:15 AM
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Keith Clark

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There are times when I change settings, but if its anything major you will usually see me working on the screen or in the chat.

Its easier to compare over a period of time tha you are familiar with. For example, I just woke up and came in here (it's 3am right now) and heard what sounded like a repetetive pattern on the radio. The virus scan was started on the filtering compuer, but when I stopped it nothing had changed. Now I'm listening to the radio and it has setled down, but sounds the same - just as you have described. And it is spirit working on the radio/energy at this time. It sounds very rough and thick, and almost like a pattern.

Now that I am sitting here, it has changed and you can again tell that it is them talking. Perhaps my presence/attention has altered the effect - I don't know yet to what extent I have an influence on the radio.