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 Posted: Jul 16th, 2009 08:19 PM
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Eerie is a good description. 

It only took 2 seconds to generate waveform?  Wow,  your computer must be lightening fast.  

I asked you to use mono setting because it takes less time to generate the waveform.

Have you tried generating the other color options yet?

To give stereo waveforms extra depth,  you can go to Amplitude - Pan/Expand and choose Mastering Width.  Click OK to apply filter.   This makes voice(s) sound much better.

I didn't even consider the Astral Plane.  I read books on Eckankar back in the early 70's but haven't given it much thought since then.  

I generated different waveforms in another post for those who do not have the CoolEdit program.   Maybe some people will have success using them in communication experiments.

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