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 Posted: Jul 16th, 2009 04:37 AM
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majuscule = capital letter

The only english I could find is the word "frisbee" in the 3rd time index, however we do use that word commonly.

The music is there, I had to struggle a bit to find it, because it is in a deeper layer. You shouldn't search by expecting to find any english there...

What does "cross modulation" mean? That's a very technical expression...

I tried the experiment, and turned out very eerie.
I discerned one hungarian word, and could find it after reopening (in Wavepad), but I didn't have such a good memory to be able to determine whether there had been any change in the file. Despite of that I experienced for a long time, shifts and changes in our "reality", even in a sound clip, because reality is not static, it is created constantly by the observer.

Anyway, it took only 2 seconds to generate the sample and didn't even have any intent for communication. How could cell phone or radio signals possibly interfere - in generating digital sounds?

So I believe, the stuff that can be heard there (many weird sounds) is the mental noise of the astral plane (the closest layer of it?). I read that in the astral plane time can be distorted compared to our time (I believe I even heard reverse evps). And Robert Monroe wrote that there's a very disturbing amount of mental noise (uncontrolled thoughts and emotions) on Earth and in the close proximity.

I've uploaded all the interesting ones already by your request, you can find them here anytime.

See You later,

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