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 Posted: Jul 15th, 2009 08:40 PM
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Hello Peter,
Yes,  I do hear the male voice in the enhanced clip.  Good work.  So what is a majuscule?  I looked in online Romanian dictionary but cannot find a translation.
Attenuation is just another way of saying – Reduced  -  as in EQ sliders are reduced by -(x)dB.  Sorry for the confusion.
Moving on to your un-enhanced clip……..
Since I don’t speak Romanian,  I concentrated on determining if I could hear any English in your “un-enhanced question included.mp3”
I figured you had already identified all non-English voices.
So….Keeping things simple,  I used the following protocol:
Nero 6,  doing a noise analysis to entire clip and using only noise reduction I hear:
(my EQ program also allows me to reduce output to ear buds.  This setting at –11.6dB)
Using 50% noise reduction with all sliders of 10 band EQ set at 0.0dB
Time Index 0.0.0 – 0.02.910
Mid-range male voice says:   “there is no way that I can hurt you”
Immediately followed by slightly lower pitch male saying:   “that’s right”
Time Index 0.04.426 – 0.08.307
Using same settings as above:
Androgynous mid-upper range voice(s) say:   “I guess that we will have to hurt you”
Time Index  0.08.307 – 0.12.809
Mid-range male voice says:   “anything you will (garbled) see us with Mark’s equipment”
Time Index  0.12.809 – end of clip
Lower mid-range male voice says:   “Hey man thank you for (voice changes pitch) claiming the attitude
One interesting point to bring out is my not hearing music.  I did hear the music you speak of in your enhanced version along with the many other voices I wrote about in an earlier post.
It has been theorized by some people that additional EVP voices can attach themselves when files are saved,  uploaded or downloaded.  I myself, have heard a slight variation in one members post that was uploaded twice on this forum.
Other than Apophenia,  I have found that cross modulation can occur in the most unusual ways.
Since you have CoolEdit,  You might be able to experience this for yourself by doing this simple experiment:
Bring up CoolEdit program
Click the Effects tab
Expand Generate
Double click on Noise
Select Sample Rate of 44100  -  Mono  -  16 Bit 
Press OK
Select Pink Noise  -  Intensity  2  -  Duration  120 Seconds
(pink noise is considered the most natural of the noise colors.  musicians use pink noise to balance their sound systems for optimal sound)
Press OK
Depending on your computer,  it takes about 5 – 7 seconds to generate 2 minutes of pink noise.
Do Not Save The File Yet
Now comes the fun part…….
Turn your volume down very low at first.
Put your headphones or ear buds on and play the sound wave…..
Hear the Voices?
Do you hear Romanian or other language???
Feel free to use noise reduction and / or EQ to further hear the voice(s)
When you are done playing,  save the file.
Close and restart CoolEdit or in your case open the file in Wavepad.
Do you hear the same voice(s) or are there now additional ones?
It is interesting that a waveform that takes 7 seconds to generate seems to have voices hard coded in a normal speaking time and tone.
Since cell phone signals travel at nearly the speed of light,  perhaps the voices are cross modulation from cell towers.  Or maybe…..????
You can use Brown or White noise and still get the same effect.  Brown noise generates at a lower frequency so it is easier on the ears that White noise.

As a side note to all…….
I have been waiting for the last of my new equipment purchases to arrive.  It came in the mail today.
Now that I have everything I ordered,  I will be crawling back in my hole for awhile to continue my experiments.
This means I may not have as much time on the forum as I have the last 2 weeks to listen to members EVP’s.
I will still log in every morning to see what is up.  If you have something special;  please send me a PM and I will try to make time to listen to your posted clip.
Thank you for the opportunity to listen to your clips.

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