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 Posted: Jul 14th, 2009 07:35 AM
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Greetings Grey Matter,

Thank you for the un-enhanced clip.  It's much better.  I always prefer to work with a raw clip.

While I am just getting started,  I did find one thing of interest.

Listening to this in Nero 6 with basic noise reduction.....In the time frame leading up to your question I could hear a mid-higher range female voice say something that seems to be in your language.

It seems very similar to the question you asked.

I used a different program and applied a special filter at 855Hz with a -47dB attenuation to bring out the voice a little better.  The attachment includes this,  along with your question.

Can you tell me what,  if anything;  I am hearing. 

Many thanks,

P.S.   Don't mess with the zohan.....that's funny.

Attachment: Enhanced Pre-Question of question included1.wav (Downloaded 575 times)

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