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 Posted: Jul 11th, 2009 06:24 AM
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Thank you for your kind words but I am by no means  “the man”. I’m just a guy with a lot of free time on his hands. Don’t sell yourself short.

Nope, I don't, that was just my ego's deceptious trick, a mind game. You know, when you praise someone without having the right to (not being his teacher or master), is like uplifiting yourself above him by playing a role of master who can determine and is allowed to estimate one's ability (i.e.: is allowed to judge you). So that was just plain flattery.

The soundcard I use is not Professional by any means.

- then what's the name (category) for those soundcards that you have to buy additionally and they have allegedly higher capacities? I used the word "professional", because I don't know the exact word for it, and I believed it to be similar to the case of "compact <-> SLR" - "amateur-professional" digital cameras.
You can also generate tones at a single frequency if you want.  This can also be interesting if you combine two tones to make a binaural beat.  Be careful though if you get into alpha, beta and theta brainwave patterns.  You can make yourself nauseous with the wrong frequency combinations.

Now that sounds interesting, it could be useful for inducing the out of body, err "body asleep mind awake" state.

I would be very much interested in listening to some of your EVP recordings.  If you find some time maybe you could upload some and we can work them together.

They are unlikely in english and I have processed most of them. But there are a few... let me see...

Doi ochi vãd mai bine decât unul.

Where did you learn that?? :huh:

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