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 Posted: Jul 8th, 2009 03:46 AM
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I am also on vacation, hence I have more time to post longer messages.
It is said that if you have time on thinking, how limited you are in time, then you must have plenty of time.

"my wife and I do regular evp sessions in our house on a regular basis." - is that a hobby at you (at your family) like playing golf?

Problem is, I can't hear anything like that in eyewave's sample. Maybe because I stopped being involved and have lost the practice. Still, I'd stay, don't dig that deep, because it's about quality C examples and the more you analyze and listen to it, the more biased you get.

I made a collection of evps back then, sorted them as individual sound crops, each has something in it, but very few are, which, I'd say are "spoken" in my language, most of them are untintelligible gibberish. So recording evp, in my view, is not necesarry about communication.

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