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 Posted: Apr 25th, 2009 08:55 AM
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Keith Clark

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I just had the strangest thing happen. I went to plugin one of the am transmitters I bought (one of 3 talking house AM transmitters that have already arrived),I hadn't yet plugged in or turned any of them on yet.
As I turn it on, it makes this horrendous noise. Don't know what it is, the speaker maybe. Doesn't matter, as it goes away as I flip the speaker selector switch to off.
Anyway, guess what frequency it was on?
1640Khz !!!!!
This is the one and only frequency that we have been testing the second stream on, and the same frequency that my built transmitter was transmitting on, right next to it. We have been testing with it for a week now.
Now, that receiver does 117 stations. So, the odds of it being on that frequency are 117 to 1, or
Now that, to me, is of considerable significance!!!
What do you think? Coincidence? Or spirit showing their presence and support?
You decide.