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 Posted: Apr 25th, 2009 06:42 AM
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I disagree with you Keith that there have been no direct voices coming over your radio on the Stream but no matter what your opinion is on this, I will continue to follow Rule #1 in your Basic Guidelines.

If you have since decided that Rule #1 is no longer relevant to your ITC Bridge Collaboration Project, then you should delete that rule Keith but because it's still there, I assume that you still want us to follow it.

As for me reminding members here of that rule, I waited and waited for you to step up to the plate to remind others of this rule but that never happened. And as you can see, there are some here who actually have had interactions with Spirit over your radio that's on the Stream. And regardless that you personally think those recordings posted here of those interactions are misinterpretations by those who recorded those interactions, those who recorded those interactions place much importance on them and believe them to be exactly what they are... interactions between the recorder and Spirit. It's one's opinion against another's on this matter but for you to say that they are not DRV interactions -- I respect that but I disagree with your opinion on that.

But in any case, my apologies for posting that reminder as it's clear that you are thinking that I overstepped "my place" as a member here to do that and it won't happen again.

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