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 Posted: Apr 25th, 2009 06:32 AM
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Vicki Talbott wrote: Hi all,

I'd just like to add that it is very easy with our software programs to cut and paste one's own comments seemlessly, both before and after any communication received, which is of course deceptive, but I've heard of it being done.  Thus, even a recording where someone says something relevant to the EVP/DRV can be dismissed by skeptics as editing work.  As Keith said, "we don't care about what people think of our recordings."  We know what we are getting.  Vicki

I agree with you Vicki that it's easy to just cut and paste one's own comments into our audio's and to even do that seamlessly either before or after any "anomalous" voice/utterance ... just as it's easy to post a fake "anomalous" utterance (EVP) that's been "seamlessly inserted into a recording. And yes, I too have heard that such things have been done or at least have witnessed situations where some will doubt that someone's else's so-called "EVP" is legit.

And even though people know that there those out there who are skeptics and do not believe that the EVP phenomenon is "real"... those who are dedicated in their research and experimentation in ITC will still nevertheless post their EVP in forums such as this one because they KNOW this is a very real phenomenon....

The same goes for DRV that's coming over a radio too. But most of those who experiment in DRV also include their own voices in those recordings if they are "interacting" with spirit hence why Rule 1 of the Streams Basic Guideline states:

"Participants are encouraged to attempt to interact with spirit, however basic the mode of communication may be. Do not claim what is not true, and if you want to demonstrate interaction with spirit, this is best done with recordings that include both sides of the interaction, both yours and spirit. Spend some time on the stream, and your questions will be answered."

But, I can understand why some may have issues with including their own voices in recordings posted in this sub-forum (which is entitled Build A Bridge - Real-Time LIVE Audio/Video ITC Feed > Stream Captures - Audiio Only) because many of those anomalous utterances were only heard on playback and, most likely, they are EVP that was recorded while they were recording the stream and are not Direct Radio Voices coming from Keith's radio.

Rule #1 states that it's better for people to also include their own voices in those audio's where they are claiming that they were interacting with Spirit -- and I agree because this at least supports their contention that it was a real LIVE interaction between themselves and Spirit --- and how is this different than if someone only types out what they believe one of their EVP's is saying but then NOT also post that recording of that EVP just to support their contention that that EVP actually exists? By providing an audio that backs up whatever one is saying about the contents of that audio, at least they are providing others with hard core evidence that backs up what they claim is in the audio.

In the first case, the person is showing that it is in fact an interactive DRV by also including their own voice asking a question that was answered by Spirit right after that -- or us responding to an anomalous voice that we  hear coming over the radio to at least indicate that we heard that voice saying something where if we understand what that voice is saying, we answer in such a way that's relevant to the content of that anomalous utterance. By doing so, we are showing that we are actually interacting LIVE with spirit at the time we are recording from the Stream.

I personally do not understand why some prefer not to include their own voice in such interactive DRV recordings here -- one would think that they would want to include that just to support their contention that it's an interactive DRV and in my humble opinion... I am requesting that they include their own voices in those recording also. All it is is a request on my part and nothing more. I have no power to force them to include their own voice in those type recordings that are posted here but just saying that I think Keith's Rule #1 is a good one so why not follow it?

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