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 Posted: Apr 24th, 2009 10:29 PM
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Brian Jones

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Ray, I've been wanting to follow through and offer a little feedback on some of your audio files you've posted on that linked page. I think some we hear differently, some we hear the same... in any case, you are doing good work ! I hear darn close to what you've stated, but I'd like to share my slight variation on this one :

I hear it closer to " sad, but will be faith in it " ... I could guess at a couple things here.. it seems he's speaking about people that have passed through physical death.. which so commonly generates sadness for the surviving incarnate witnesses... one of the most common approaches to dealing with this deeply challenging aspect of the shock facing the reality of temporary physical life, is to have faith that there's something bigger, something we cannot completely prove or disprove, something that so many of us long to remember or understand, but all too often, the best we can do is to have and hold onto faith that it's wondrously waiting for us down the road..

Keep it up Ray.. I'm betting you are and will... it's pretty amazing that energies can be stirred up and expanded by simply and sincerely applying one's self to tuning into the miraculous nature of looking into the mirror of sound.

      Thank You !  .......... Brian

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