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 Posted: Apr 19th, 2009 11:01 PM
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Brian Jones

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Ray... I'm glad to hear you're willing to look/listen to things backwards.. it is how I started out with all of this ! You mentioned David John Oates I believe with your comments and supplied link. David's work is directly responsible for inspiring me to get involved so deeply and passionately.. I'm running late with many things at this moment, but I'd like to offer a couple links to my most recent interviews with David from a couple years ago... I was playing it loose and having fun... I hope others will find these amusing if nothing else..
my interview with David Oates regarding what he terms ' reverse speech '

my interview with David Oates regarding EVP/ITC

OK, I'm done hamming it up for the moment... got go get ready for Monday's workday

       Take care everyone ~ Brian :wub: in love with being manic and endlessly creative !