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 Posted: Apr 19th, 2009 08:02 PM
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Hey Brian,
Seems that sooner or later people trying to record for EVP will at some point and time get into checking their recordings in reverse, I started checking my recordings in reverse and was amazed to hear some of the things I was hearing.I dont have a pet to record,So I will just have to wait until the dog next door starts barking and see what I can come up with?
At one time I wondered, is it possible that a spirit could "Piggy Back" on my own words talking and when those words where played in reverse you could hear an understandable message? Then I ran across this website,
Where the founder thinks this is natural and that we humans can speak in both directions at the same time.
Wow what a concept if true,I have a few examples of my own words being reversed while recording in cemeterys and at home with EVPMaker posted on my website,
Please check em out!
EVP and Reverse Speech,
This example is not an animal,
Is it EVP?
Is it me Speaking in Reverse?
I recorded this with a co-worker,
I am this co-workers boss
(Remember Be a Boss Not a Buddy?)OOP'S
This was the grave-site of his best friend Robert who killed himself years ago.He wanted to see if perhaps we could capture an EVP from him,
At some point and time I spoke up and said,
"Robert You dont know me"
I happened to reverse those/my words and could hear the following message,
"He's my buddy...Your out"
EVP? Who Know's?

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