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 Posted: Apr 13th, 2009 04:00 PM
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Brian Jones

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Hi Karlos,

if you are asking how Eddie was recorded, here's how. I took a shoebox style full size cassette tape recorder over to the house where Eddie lives, and gave it to the people there. I supplied them with an external dynamic mic. and a high bias 90 minute tape.

As with working to capture such anomalous sounds such as evp etc. , it's a strong compromise to use the built in condenser mic., due to the fact that the motor noise of the tape recorder will be heard on playback of your recording.

Digital recorders work quite well... no motor noise there, and they can be very small and have great capabilities. I loaned out the tape recorder because I have a few spares, and I've got a hand held tape player I've modified for dual direction analysis, so I can check for audio treasure on the fly once I've got the recording.

I once recorded an old dog that was making much verbal noise as I was working in the yard on the other side of the fence. I recorded the dog just for a brief moment, but found a recognizable word in that short audio track. I heard the word " Vato " jump out at me.

I used know some Mexican guys while I lived in So Cal. and I remembered them using this word. I asked a Mexican guy at work what this word meant. He told me it was slang in Spanish for a man .. as he put it, like " guy " or " dude ".

Either way, I was very curious about the people that had the dog.... I had not seen the people when I recorded the dog. I went back to that house to inquire about the dog. The people where actually pretty friendly and not all suspicious why I was asking. They told me the dog was around 15 years old, and the family spoke Spanish quite often, as well as english.