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 Posted: Apr 12th, 2009 05:19 PM
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Brian Jones

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Hello again folks. I wanted to see if we could get something going along these lines here. If any of you have a pet that is noticeably verbal, please record them and carefully analyze this material ... you might be quite surprised.

ALSO, I would very much appreciate people sending me such audio to analyze... I have documented EVP messages seemingly addressed to me embedded within the sound frequencies of animal's voices. I haven't been making animals a point of focus compared to many other aspects of audio experimentation I've conducted, but I am now building up a collection of audio samples of animals voices....

If any of you are curious about the few that I've posted on my website, here is a link to this section :

                  Talking animals page of the Audio Medium website.

I've got to run, but I'd like to share this sample which is the latest one that I've documented. This is a dual direction ( DD ) message. Meaning it seems to be expressing thoughts and feelings backwards and forwards simultaneously.. much the way incarnate humans and evp entities do. Some of the most impressive samples I've documented are of this type... ( for me anyway )

Back to this sample. This is a recording of a 16 Y.O. black and white male cat named Eddie. Since he and his family moved into a new house and neighborhood, Eddie has been talking a lot, which is completely the opposite of how he's been all of his life before this move. Here is a DD sample of an excerpt of Eddie's voice...

It turns out that Eddie seems quite unhappy that his new home and neighborhood has many circumstances that seems to go against the style he used to enjoy at the previous home.. I've got one more on Eddie I'll post right after this.

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