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 Posted: Apr 10th, 2009 11:39 AM
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This is just a reminder...

As stated in the Basic Guidelines for the "ITC Bridge Collaboration Project", the first "rule" (labeled Voice 1) states:
"Participants are encouraged to attempt to interact with spirit, however basic the mode of communication may be. Do not claim what is not true, and if you want to demonstrate interaction with spirit, this is best done with recordings that include both sides of the interaction, both yours and spirit. Spend some time on the stream, and your questions will be answered."

Also, I just want to remind everybody to please indicate right away after you hear a "voice" on the stream that it's a DRV by either repeating what was just said or say something like "I heard that" if you don't understand all that it's saying at the time when it pops up.

When we hear your voice saying something right after the "voice" pops up, this helps us to know with more certainty that it's a DRV coming from the radio and not just an EVP recorded on our end while we were recording from the stream where it's only heard on playback.

Just saying to please get into the habit of doing this because as it is right now, we are just having to take people's word on it that the "voice" in our audio's from the stream are DRV voices. But for those people who come by here from other places to hear those audio's from the stream, they don't know us and they can't be sure that what's in these audio's are just EVP's as opposed to DRV's unless the person who recorded the clip is responding immediately after the voice pops up in some way and heard in the recording doing that, to indicate that it's a DRV coming directly from the radio.:blink:

Perhaps there should be another sub-forum for those recordings from the stream that are NOT interactive ... where the person who recorded the clip from the stream is NOT heard interacting in some way with what ever anomalous voice utterance is heard in the recording or they are not acknowledging the anomalous voice in someway immediately after it's said.

In any case, people need to state if they heard the utterance in real-time coming over the radio or if they only heard the utterance on playback.. there's a difference because the ones from the Stream are DRV's but the utterances that are only heard on playback of those clips we record from the stream could be either/OR but we don't know if it's a DRV because the person who recorded the clip did not respond in any way immediately after they heard the utterance to indicate that it came from the radio. :wink:

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