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 Posted: Apr 5th, 2009 06:13 PM
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Hope I understand correctly: To transmit a continous source of sound for any deceased to use as recorded imagery, it would seem a loop method would suit. With a constantly repeated imagery, you'd know what to expect, loop after loop. Changes would therefore be the results.
It seems, with some thinking, that the radio transmissions could incorporate tone experiments (Spiricom/Koenig type).

How to broadcast from the PC, for detection by the radio receiver, without much electronics hackery ?
Few ideas, again I hope I understand things correctly.
- 2x CB radios could do something similar. With one, you run your soundcard output to the CB unit, either as an AUX input or in place of the microphone, this transmits on whatever channel and is received on the same channel by the other CB. This second CB's output is then sent to the soundcard and image analysed.
- Walkie talkies, similarly set up as the CB units.
- Baby monitors, same as above....these are usually wall plug enabled which makes themk more attractive for 24/7 useage.
- Low power broadcast circuit. There are quite a few simple circuits around that will transmit on the FM scale. Range is only a couple of hundred feet, but such a device would enable real radio experiments.