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 Posted: Apr 4th, 2009 10:52 AM
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Looking at the first link, on WorldITC, the system is broadly comparable to many devices actually being built right now...many years later. I know Joe has built similar and am hoping he agrees that the diagram represents current trends.

3 frequency generators of particular frequency each
3 scanning sections 'wobbel-frequenz' then mix those generators output
The output is broadcast

The output is received
Various filters are applied
Result is recorded or reproduced over a loudspeaker

For our home built experiements purposes:
The frequency generators are of square wave type and i'm thinking may include the ever popular 555 and an oscilloscope to set the frequencies. However, in electronic music, the use of other waves, mixed with the square wave gives a much warmer and more pleasing natural sound. I haven't heard the output from Han's generator but am thinking that introducing saw, pulse and sine waves may make the discernment of voices easier...the sound would have more to work with.
It seems stated that spirit voices travel along multiples of 20kHz, well, we don't know that, so must just accept that results were obtained with the 80/40/20kHz scanning method. Certainly, within traditional EVP cassette recorder recording, slowing the playback by multiples of 2 appears to work.
Die Infrarotanlage is an infra-red setup. This part is easily replicated in principle of operation and I remember a guy here on this forum having great successes with multiple LED's for transmission and reception. Another thought is to use a frequency multiplier, along the lines of a reversed bat detector, to utilise 3 radio scanning circuits for the 20kHz multiples.

Finally, for now hehe, i'm very interested in the possibilities of utilising conventional circuits for paranormal useage. Reading the Wiki on consumer infra-red ( ) a few things are striking. Namely that consumer IR devices operate around the 930nm frequency band that Han's received communications about. He adjusted to those spirit relayed frequencies and reception was improved. Carrier frequencies of remote controls for TV etc are often in the 20kHz - 60kHz range - ideal !

I'm all for harmonically structured vibrations and will definitely be constructing devices along these principles. My own circuits stalled over the last few months while I became interested in model aircraft...but, this has peaked my interest and gives amplitude to various previous thoughts !

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