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 Posted: Apr 4th, 2009 06:36 AM
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Deborah wrote: Neokortex & Estee,

Neokortex -- Yes, although I have never heard the colour expressed as such, I could say my hair is "gingery".  Neokortex thank you for you interest & comments, in the clips I have posted.  Your sensing has been keen. 

Linda, happy you listen to and comment on my clips, as well.  Our goal, as you know, as a team, on the bridge, is harmony, positive intent & collective focus on Spirit.  That is my primary intent, interest and focus relative to this work & sharing. 

Happy Weekend to you both.  ~ Deborah 

Harmony, positive intent and collective focus are my primary goals also Deborah but now's your opportunity to show us that you are serious about this by requesting that NeoKetex STOP making the kinds of comments he's been posting in this thread.

We are all working as a team but when someone comes along and tries to create intrigue and seeks to stir things up, such as what Neo has been doing in this thread, it's important to nip it at the bud and put a stop to it immediately.

In this case, you are in a position to do that Deborah and have nice day!