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 Posted: Apr 3rd, 2009 07:32 AM
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I think I owe Deb an apology because even though I'm hearing what I am in the last part of that clip she posted, I should not have posted what I was hearing.  I just should have remained silent about it because that would have been the polite thing to do.

But in any case, at least at the time, I thought it was was funny that the last part of that clip was saying "Debra's a smoker" because,  to my knowledge, she never said that she smokes cigarettes... and smoking has been a big topic in this forum due to how many of us smokers here get that "stop smoking" message via evp or drv from the Stream. If she was a smoker, she most likely would have said something about it by now. :biggrin:

Lol, I'm just glad that Debra seemed to find it amusing too!

I still think either it's a different Debra that Spirit was referring to or they are simply misinformed and are saying that she smokes even though she doesn't -- no surprise here as not all information we get from Spirit is correct and most of us who work with Spirit know very well that this is very true. On the other hand, Spirit too has a sense of humor so maybe they just said that for that reason.... lol, we will never know.

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