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 Posted: Apr 2nd, 2009 11:11 PM
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Further to Joe's explanation. Germanium diode's are usually found in crystal radio's, radio's with no battery or other power supply. The diode itself is what might be termed porous to radio waves and therefore really helps such circuits detect radio frequencies.
Digital circuits and most functions of any device these days is based on 0's and 1's...a device with an analog, varying, property is perhaps much more likely to give us a greater chance of successful contact through random receptions. In some regards, the germanium inside the diode may be thought of as being open to spirit communication and hence why they are used in such experiments.
Diode's let a signal go in one direction and not in the other. Used in circuits of every type, every diode, of any type can display strange properties. Did you know that standard LED's can act as photodiode's ! they will pass small currents based on the light level near them.
Photodiode's can be found in solar cells and also in PC mice. They are similarly widely used devices. The reactive material used in a diode usually dictates its intended use.

The secret to spirit contact using electronics is, I believe, within the P-N junctions of many components like diodes. On the wiki for photodiode's is this interesting text:
"Since transistors and ICs are made of semiconductors, and contain P-N junctions, almost every active component is potentially a photodiode. Many components, especially those sensitive to small currents, will not work correctly if illuminated, due to the induced photocurrents. In most components this is not desired, so they are placed in an opaque housing. Since housings are not completely opaque to X-rays or other high energy radiation, these can still cause many ICs to malfunction due to induced photo-currents."

Imagine you are out at a cemetary and you have your voice recorder running. On returning home and analysing the recording, you hear a voice that wasn't heard at the time.
The EVP may have been caused through diode leakage/reception characteristics ! You don't hear it at the time, it doesn't trip any auto recording feature and yet it is there. Between the microphone and final recording there are possibly thousands of diodes, certainly many on the circuit board that are glass and see through. These diodes are, I believe, a possibility for relaying the spirit voice information to the recording stage.

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