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 Posted: Mar 26th, 2009 08:19 PM
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Hey Hey!!:biggrin: How are you today? Well, I hope. I have a Question or 2 or 3 for you maybe you can help me out. LOL I am Confused on how to Build the Germanium Diode recorder. Let me just start by telling you what I did. I Cut off the Microphone from my Mini Cassette recorder Mic. I attached a Germanium Diode to the white wire... It was the only wire in there other than the wire surrounding it. I am assuming that is the Grounding Wire. In any case, I have no way to Solder, so I twisted the wire onto the Germanium Diode. On the other End of the Diode, I attached Another wire assuming this was supposed to act as an Antenna? The Germanium Diode has a Black dot on one end. That is supposed to be facing in the Direction of the Jack that you plug into the recorder Right? Or do I have this All Wrong? LOL Please Help Me