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 Posted: Mar 20th, 2009 04:44 AM
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I asked my dad to say "Keith Clark" :wink: when I was at the stream yesterday morning because at this point, it seems easier for him or my other regular contacts who frequent the Bridge to simply repeat something I ask them to repeat than answering any questions though this has sometimes happened too.

As always, I include my question and answer in the clip when posting here so as to show that this was an actual "real-time" interaction that I was engaged in when my dad was at the bridge.

In this clip:
I ask " Could you say "Keith Clark" dad?
Then my dad responds by saying "Keith Clark"
Then I say immediately following that, "Thank you dad, I just heard it.

I denoised this clip at the lowest setting in Clear Voice.

Attachment: iaskdadtosaykeithclark_CLR_slightlydenoised.wav (Downloaded 577 times)