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 Posted: Mar 18th, 2009 04:54 PM
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Keith Clark

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Just got back from my trip to New Hampshire. Was talking with people on the stream about how our projects are now surpassing the limits of our present equipment and space.......

10 minutes later the streaming server crashed. One hard drive dropped out of a striped RAID 0 configuration. For those of you that dont know, that means whatever was on them is not recoverable, at least not worth the time to try.

We are currently running on an archaic "backup" server. It seems to be holding its own. I'll be spending the next few weeks trying to figure out what's best for the stream, and how it can be possible to branch out into several different channels.

The goal is to evenntually have 4 streams running 24 hour streams. It's not yet clear as to what all of these 4 streams will specifically be, but at the moment the concept is to include the following methods of ITC: pursuit of drv, spectrograph images, video itc, webcam feedback loop itc, transmit/receive setup similar to Spiricom.

It is unclear as to whether the original and first stream will be split into two separate projects. One of the topics on the agenda is to figure out how to transmit a controlled signal to impinge on the radio for the sole purpose of providing material for spirit to be able to use for images, 24 hours a day, regardless of conditions.

I believe in the law of attraction, and with bringing the things you desire into creation by visualization. At the rate we're growing in our relationship in respect to working with spirit in stream-related projects, a lot of visualization is now even more necessary. Let us hope that our goals will be met in the future.