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 Posted: Mar 9th, 2007 06:24 PM
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JT wrote: Fascinating stuff Dave as they are so technical and the words can be made out.  Can give us a run down of your set up and methodology? 

Frank asked about DSP - it stands for digital signal processing so it just means the signal is going through computer processing, maybe equalization or something.

Dave would  be interested in posting any clips on the web, I have a site where I post my stuff and some stuff from Brough Perkins who is also  on this forum.  Please email me at [email protected] if you'd like to discuss.  My site is

Thanks for the feedback, it's important to me. This method evolved from a more complex system I was using. This simplified set-up does not produce the real loud voices I was getting originally but it is much simpler to set-up and maintain. The components have been carefully selected for function, substitutes or short cuts are not recommended.

Microphone: Fen-tone Omni Crystal Element (Vintage 196?)

CB Walkie Talkie (Sony CB901 vintage 1962)

Radio Shack 277-1008C  (Current vintage)

MFJ-784B  DSP Filter (Current vintage)

Sound Blaster Audigy SB0110 (External 'Audigy drive' version)

The internal microphone from the Sony gets disconnected and the Fentone mic is wired in it's place. The transmit rf output from the Sony is fed via shielded cable to the input of the Radio Shack amp (audio rectification takes place). The output of the Radio shack amp is fed to the input of the DSP filter. The output of the filter is fed to the Audigy Drive and the computer is used for recording. Live monitoring can also be done with this set-up.

I use a background sound that is generated some fourty feet from the recording microphone. A long hallway helps add some natural reverberation which is important. It is a simple system that has been getting results with every session so far. Some people would write a book and charge you for this kind of detailed research info. I offer it for free to find out if it works for anyone other then myself.

I maintain several web sites right now, none are EVP related. If these experiments evolve to coherent two-way conversations I will start a public site. Thanks for the offer though, I appreciate it.