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 Posted: Mar 13th, 2009 09:17 AM
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A couple of days ago, I while recording from the bridge, "something" knocked/banged on my table really hard. At the same time, there were knocking sounds coming from the bridge.

Here's what's in this clip: It starts out with "it's ed.."(not sure) then after that, "we are knocking on the table" and you can hear those knocking sounds in the background where one of those knocks is heard from my table; the one that my computer is on. (editing: increased pitch 20% on this segment because it's clearer that way)

Then there's more knocking afterwards but this was only coming from the bridge... I only heard and felt one knock/bang on my table.

I deleted the middle section of this clip because it goes on for about a minute or so. I was silently waiting to see if they were going to knock on my table again.

Then, once I was over my shock as to what had just happened (the physical knock on my table), the second part of this clip is my reaction to that. lol

Attachment: knockingontable_CLR_shortened.mp3 (Downloaded 576 times)

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